Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance

Claims and Reimbursement Assistance

Are you ready to use your LTC policy?

LTC Policy Review

We will meet with you at home, nursing facility, in the hospital, or remotely to review your policy and help you understand your policy details including elimination period, reimbursable benefits, and processing routine.

LTC Benefit Confirmation

We will walk you through the often confusing application process to ensure that it’s filled out correctly and help avoid mistakes that may cause the claim to get delayed or denied.

LTC Claim Submission and Approval

Examine policy benefits to determine if you can legally reduce or eliminate the deductible or elimination period.

Reduce or Eliminate Elimination Period

Examine policy benefits to determine if you can legally reduce or eliminate the deductible or elimination period.  Most policies include a 30, 60, or 90 day elimination period that you should start as soon as you can to take advantage of the LTC reimbursement.

Claim Denial Correction

If for any reason a claim had been denied, we will work with the policyholder and the LTC insurance company to handle any claim denial or delay in the process.  This process can be confusing and frustrating for clients.  We will manage the claim process to ensure that the LTC provider is acting in the clients best interest.

Correspondence Management

We will help the LTC policyholder review and understand any correspondence between them and the LTC insurance company.  Acting on behalf of the client, we can ensure that the LTC insurance company is receiving and responding in a timely manner.

Care Community

We are connected with healthcare resources and reputable contacts to assist with any needs such as long term care facilities, medical equipment, elder care attorneys, home modification specialists, etc. to help clients navigate the aging process.

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LTC Claim Approval
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If you need assistance with activities of daily living, we can help you save time and ensure your LTC claim is approved for in home care.

We are here to ensure a smooth LTC claims process by assisting with claim creation, performing the required nursing assessments, and monitoring the approval process with your insurance provider.

Let us help to reduce claim denials and ensure a smooth reimbursement payment process

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