Safeguarding for Seniors against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Joy Home Care is dedicated to serving the elderly population and we are taking extra precautions to protect our clients, their families, and our care teams.  In light of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), we encourage everyone stay up to date on the CDC Guidelines to help protect seniors and mitigate the risks of infectious diseases including COVID-19.

Joy Home Care | Hand Washing


Whether your loved one is in their home or in a facility it is important to keep them safe from infections, especially (COVID-19).  We are making an extra effort to help the elderly and their caregivers to stay aware of practicing good hygiene and social distancing.  Our dedicated care teams can limit exposure to others by picking up groceries, medications, other important items.  Consider home care as a service that can provide assistance in protecting seniors.

Changing Environment

Our care team has been educated and trained for years on infectious deceased and proper sanitation methods.  We are constantly communicating to our care teams the best practices for handwashing, symptoms, disinfecting protocols, travel habits, and emerging guidelines.

We advise all families to stay updated with the CDC guidelines and best safety measures to help protect the older adults in our families.  We are all in this together!